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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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2nd August
to 31st December
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Volunteer Driver

2nd August to 31st December
Wythenshawe Good Neighbours (WGN) is recruiting Volunteer Drivers for its new Volunteer Drivers Scheme, launching this autumn. The WGN membership scheme will see volunteers driving older people to health appointments, organised activities and social engagements across Wythenshawe. They will also be a ‘friendly face’ for service users, informing them about local support for older people (including relating to the cost-of-living crisis) and distributing details of things to do, such as visiting Age Friendly Wythenshawe information ‘Corners’ and social and/health events in community venues.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
Wythenshawe Good Neighbours (WGN) hopes that its important new volunteer opportunity will appeal to drivers who are keen to significantly improve quality of life for older people, many of whom face ongoing transport difficulties and social isolation, for reasons such as rising costs and mobility or confidence challenges. 
Volunteering with Wythenshawe Good Neighbours (WGN) is a great opportunity to help provide services to those most in need in your neighbourhood. It can also be a very rewarding activity that will utilise and enhance your skills and experience. WGN Volunteer Drivers will make a real difference to people's lives across Wythenshawe by: 

taking WGN members to/from health appointments, organised events and activities and social arrangements across Wythenshawe 
delivering our monthly newsletter
delivering and/or distributing other items, such as seasonal information, and cost-of-living support materials, on an ‘as-and-when’ basis.

All Volunteer Drivers attend an induction and training programme. For this scheme, Volunteer Drivers must have their own vehicles. They are reimbursed at 45p per mile to contribute to the cost of petrol when volunteer driving, insurance and maintenance of their vehicles. 
Duties and responsibilities 

To provide rides for WGN members, enabling them to access social and healthcare appointments. All trips are pre-booked and logged by the WGN staff; drivers are not insured to pick up and drop off members outside of this agreed schedule. 
To be punctual and dependable in picking up the service user at the scheduled time. 
To keep WGN staff informed regarding their availability. 
To provide WGN staff with as much notice as possible when cancelling a trip. 
To maintain confidentiality regarding service user and trip information. 
To observe regular vehicle maintenance to ensure safety of service users (functioning seat belts must be available). 
To provide annual updates on vehicle insurance policy, MOT and Tax. 
To immediately report incidences, accidents or concerns to WGN staff. 
To inform WGN staff of any changes in your address, phone number or car details. 
To read and retain the WGN Volunteer Handbook and become familiar with policies and procedures (as advised by WGN). 
To attend Volunteer Induction and Training. 
To attend further support training sessions. 

Please note that a DBS check will be undertaken for all our Volunteer Drivers.
Time commitment
Volunteer Driver shifts (daytime, Monday – Friday) to be discussed with the WGN team. Volunteer Drivers are asked to keep WGN updated with their availability, to better support a reliable and consistent service for members to book. 
In addition, attending induction training, and ongoing training from time-to-time is required. 
Skills and qualities to fulfil the role

Valid, clean UK driver’s license and safe driving record. (A maximum of 6 penalty points can be discussed at interview.) 
Be able to produce full insurance to cover carrying passengers. (Most insurance companies will insure a volunteer driver within the existing schedule. However, you must make it clear that you are a volunteer driver to your insurance company.) 
Access to your own vehicle - that is roadworthy, reliable and suitable for service users’ needs, and where points 1&2 above apply. 
No health conditions that may impair ability to drive safely (vision, hearing, perception, reflexes, certain medications, etc.). 
Understand the limitations experienced by some of WGN’s service users, such as mobility and hearing/vision loss.

Benefits of volunteering with us

Opportunity to contribute to making life better for older people in Wythenshawe.
Opportunity to be part of a dynamic WGN volunteer team.
Opportunity to support, celebrate and be directly involved with Wythenshawe’s Age Friendly community.
Opportunity to benefit from training opportunities offered by WGN; to prepare you for your role, then ongoing support.
Opportunity to help develop WGN’s Volunteer Drivers Scheme for the benefit of WGN’s members and the wider community.


Volunteering with Rise

You can claim rise points any volunteering you undertake - from an hour to a sustained commitment. All you need to do is fill in a Self Claim for your points

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