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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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23rd March
to 31st December
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Social Media and Marketing Assistant Volunteer

23rd March to 31st December
Light in the Darkness are seeking a Social Media Volunteer to schedule regular posts across their social media accounts.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
Who are LITD:
Light in the Darkness is a Community Interest Community that’s seeks to bring light, hope and succour to societies downtrodden. We do this by providing emotional support to disadvantaged individuals and families such as asylum seekers and refugees who are at high risk of depression due to loneliness, low income, illness, ravaged with poverty and those who lack skills to get a job to provide for themselves and their families. LITD CIC was founded in May 2017 by a former refugee Beatrice Guessie, who knows what it feels like to be tortured mentally and physically and physiologically in the UK’s asylum system having experienced it first-hand. However rather than let the experience hold her back in life, she has chosen to be a medium to shine light on other people who are disadvantaged and have been through similar experiences. 
Opportunity description: 
We are seeking a Social Media Volunteer to schedule regular posts across oursSocial media accounts. We are currently looking for a volunteer to produce relevant well-written and researched social media content that not only are informative, but also engaging to our followers.
In this role you will support LITD to develop consistent branding and promote the trade side of our organisation. 
We are looking for someone with familiarity with various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. We would like this volunteer to launch and manage an Instagram and TikTok account for the organisation. Some experience with Youtube would be useful as we hope to branch out to this platform. 
Part of this role will be to collate testimonies and case stories about our work, which will be used on our website as blogs, shared on our social media. These stories will also be used to report back to funders and to support new funding applications. 
We are looking for some who can work independently, creativity and bring enthusiasm, passion and commitment. 
Additional duties include:

Attend events to capture data and pictures for reports and social medi
Helping to maintain the website, twitter, facebook, etc. 
Keeping databases, reports and files up to date

Induction and support:

You will receive an introduction to our organisation and be introduced to key members of staff and volunteers who may be able to support you with content development.
You will be given access to our social media accounts to enable you to work flexibly from home.
You will be supervised by Beatrice Guessie who will keep in touch to discuss how your support needs and the developing aims and objectives of social media output.
Any ideas for the development of our social media output is very much encouraged and we will endeavour to support your ideas and personal development in this role.

Commitment required:
We are flexible but ideally, we are looking for someone who can commit to 2-4 hours a week. We are looking for a volunteer who can join us for the long-term. 
The majority of tasks for this role will be carried out from remotely. However, there will be opportunities to attend events, meetings and work with the LITD directors in person. 
What you will gain from this experience: 

Develop marketing skills and knowledge  
Improve self-esteem  
Have a huge impact in a project helping those most in need
Networking opportunities to meet different people 
Gain experience in events and attending meetings
Develop office admin skills 
Develop communication skills 
Gain some knowledge about different cultural backgrounds 
Gain experience in the work place/work experience/use as placement 
Receive a reference

Difference your work will make to the group: 
This role will have a huge impact on our service users and our organisations. This work is vital to enable us to reach and communicate with more people. We will be able to share our stories to a wide audience, motivating people to get involved or seek support, connecting people so they feel they are not alone. The presence we have online will help us to gain more supporters, followers and donors. 

Volunteering with Rise

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