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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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7th August
to 31st October
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Sign Language Volunteer

7th August to 31st October
Langdon are looking for a volunteer who can teach British Sign Language (BSL) or Makaton to their members in a group or 1-1 basis.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
Langdon helps hundreds of adults and young people with learning disabilities and autism across the UK to live independent lives.
We are looking for a volunteer who can teach British Sign Language (BSL) or Makaton to our Members in a group or 1-1 basis.
The role includes:

Weekly commitment to ensure stability for our Members
Patience and a desire to support others.
Ensuring our members are safe at all times.
Build a positive relationship with the Member/s you will be supporting.
Weekly commitment to ensure stability for our members.
Promoting and adhering to the workplace values: Excellence, Responsive, Integrity, Caring and Empowering.

What are we looking for?

You are passionate about sign language or Makaton and supporting alternative ways to communicate that aren’t speaking.
You are a good communicator when it comes to others who experience the world differently.
Be reliable and trustworthy.
Have a caring and non-judgmental approach.
You have excellent interpersonal skills including empathy, active listening, and communication.
You have experience working with people with learning disabilities (not essential).

What impact will I make and what will I gain?

An opportunity to help a charitable organisation make a real difference in the lives of people with learning disabilities. 
Being a part of long-standing community service.
Networking with local organisations and gaining office experience working in the charity sector.
An opportunity to develop your professional skills and boost your CV.

Volunteering with Rise

You can claim rise points any volunteering you undertake - from an hour to a sustained commitment. All you need to do is fill in a Self Claim for your points

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