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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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9th October
to 30th June
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Sharon Junior Chess Club Support Volunteer

9th October to 30th June
The Sharon Junior Chess Club is a local chess club in Hulme/Old Trafford for children aged between 5- 15 years old.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
It meets once a week on Saturdays at the Sharon Church Youth Centre 1.00pm - 2.30pm during school term times. (Approximately 1 and a half miles away from the Manchester Academy or a 30 min walk).
Volunteers offer support to a) beginners (who are learning how the individual pieces move) 
and b) players who are starting to learn how to play a game of chess by developing their experience, knowledgeand understanding of opening, middle game and endgame skills.
Basic knowledge of how chess pieces move, capture and can be used in a game would be advantageous in delivering our beginner training (which consists of a series of 10 weekly lessons - devised by Chess in Schools & Communities). Whilst our novices welcome the opportunity to practice their playing skills against each other as well as playing our adult volunteers who can observe & offer guidance & advice in how they might improve their game (i.e. by taking more time to think before making a move).
Not only will you be spending time doing something that you already enjoy (i.e. playing chess) you will be imparting your knowledge and teaching a valuable skill to young children in the local community that will serve a lifetime. Your role as a mentor and role model will be very important to these young children and we are sure that you will get more out of helping this club than you might expect as everyone has a lot of fun & enjoyment and it provides a valuable tonic to the otherwise busy & stressful life of an undergraduate.
You will be directed & supported by the Club Organiser Chris Pyves and the Club Chess Coach Stephen Tuscon. 
What are we looking for?
Someone who remembers what it was like learning how to play chess for the first time and wants to act as a guide to others as they grapple with the intricacies of this game. Just a basic ability of how chess pieces move and capture will suffice but more experienced players will be put to work with our advanced students.
An ability to listen & communicate clearly with others by being sociable and approachable;
Demonstrating patience, effective listening and politeness.
Ability to be respectful of differences and choices;
being able to respect confidentiality whilst recognising your own boundaries and limitation within this role
Reliable, honest and punctual
Ability to work independently but with guidance and support
Flexibility to commitment;
a mutually agreeable arrangement between the volunteer, the Club Organiser and children assigned to you to teach, guide and supervise during each club meeting.
You must be over 18 for this role and happy to undertake a CRB/DBS check.
As the club is local we are looking for volunteers who are living nearby and therefore we do not envisage having to reimburse any travel expenses. Refreshments will be made available at club meetings.

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