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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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9th May
to 4th January
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Library volunteer

9th May to 4th January
We are looking for someone to help us in our community outreach library in the Merseybank estate area of Chorlton
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
About our library
There’s always something going on here because we’re part of Barlow Moor Community Association’s fantastic building opposite Merseybank Avenue shops. Thanks to volunteer support we can open 36 hours a week.
About the role:
Our library volunteers make sure our library keeps running smoothly so that people from the local community can come and have access to books, computers, internet etc- the role includes:
- Putting returned books back in the correct place on the shelves and shelf tidying
- Helping people find the book they need, helping people log on to the computers, helping service users with printing/emails/digital tasks.
- Ringing Chorlton Library to sign new members up, extend peoples computer time before their hour runs out, any other queries.
- Doing 'shelf checks' to ensure the central library database is up to date
- Weeding out books that are old or duplicates to make space for new ones.
- Supporting reception when the centre is busy by greeting people coming in to the centre and pointing them in the right direction, occasionally helping with jobs like cutting out, laminating, displaying posters in the windows, etc.
- Attending library meetings to discuss ways the library could be improved.
New volunteers will recieve training and peer support from long term volunteers and staff from Chorlton library, please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to come and see the community centre!

Volunteering with Rise

You can claim rise points any volunteering you undertake - from an hour to a sustained commitment. All you need to do is fill in a Self Claim for your points

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