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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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17th July
to 8th July
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Family Coach

17th July to 8th July
As an Emerging Futures Family Coach, you will support the families and concerned others of those struggling with substance misuse issues.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
Families may well be supporting individuals who are actively using drugs and/or alcohol or may have loved ones who are in structured treatment, engaging with CGL in the community, contemplating or undergoing detox, returning from residential rehabilitation or prison, or receiving other interventions or attending mutual aid groups. The role of a Family Coach involves assisting families and concerned others to access opportunities that exist within the local community to enhance their resilience and support them through difficult times.
Education & Experience
An understanding/experience of substance misuse issues, specifically recovery as a concept.
An understanding of addiction and the impact on the family to support meaningful community engagement outside of structured treatment/criminal justice settings.
The confidence, enthusiasm, and articulation to clearly explain and promote the services provided by CGL and Emerging Futures CIC to the wider general public and other agencies.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
A working knowledge of the range of family support options available in the community and support individuals to find their own pathway.
Ability to maintain professional boundaries and work effectively within a team and with other professional from partnership agencies.
Attributes & Strengths
Able to demonstrate that your personal ethos and work ethic mirrors the values of EF.
Empathy, compassion, patience, professionalism and understanding of peers and their support networks.
A non-judgmental, self-aware values-based approach to working with families and concerned others and the ability to turn your experience into expertise.
Commitment to support EF’s passion statement values.
You can obtain an enhanced DBS certification upon appointment.

Volunteering with Rise

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