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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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4th April
to 1st April
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Community Peer Mentor Volunteer

4th April to 1st April
The Liaison & Diversion - Community Engagement service are looking for volunteers to support individuals within their community to navigate support services, whilst motivating and empowering individuals to make lasting changes.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust are looking for volunteers to join the organisation. The Liaison & Diversion - Community Engagement service aims to support individuals who enter the Criminal Justice system across Greater Manchester.

Volunteers support individuals within their community to navigate support services, whilst motivating and empowering individuals to make lasting changes. 

Volunteers may support individuals over the phone or face to face within the community. Volunteers may support individuals with a variety of things from filling in forms, referrals, isolation, emotional support, signposting, liaising with services, attending appointments, and much more.

Training will be provided to all Community Peer mentor Volunteers. Peer mentors volunteer will undertake a Level 2 – Peer mentoring in Mental health and Substance misuses course. Complete a variety of mandatory training via GMMH Learning hub and the opportunity to attend additional training/learning sessions hosted by GMMH staff who specialise in particular subjects and the Recovery Academy.

Volunteers must be able to communicate clearly with others by; demonstrating a person centred approach, be patience, an effective listener and be polite.
We are looking for a motivated and supportive individual who is wishing to support others through their current situation, by drawing on your own lived experience of what helped you and the knowledge you have built navigating those support services.

Be respectful of individual differences and choices; be able to respect confidentiality, whilst understanding your own boundaries and limitations within this role.
Be reliable, honest and punctual.
Be able to work independently but with guidance and support.
Commit to personal development and attending supervisions. 
An interest in supporting those within the Criminal Justice system.

Must be over 18 for this role and happy to undertake a CRB/DBS check (Which is free to volunteers)
Location: Based across all boroughs of Greater Manchester.

Volunteering with Rise

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