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The Union
Volunteering: An opportunity to learn through service
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9th October
to 4th October
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Community Advocate

9th October to 4th October
Do you want to take part in vegan volunteering around your local area? You can do that right here at The Vegan Society.
This activity is brought to you by The Union in partnership with Manchester Community Central
We have an ever-growing Community Network of vegans just like you, who have a passion to volunteer and promote veganism where they live.
Every month, our Network choose from a range of outreach tasks. These could include town centre stalls, writing to a councillor or MP, sharing our campaigns on social media or contacting local businesses. You're in control of how much or how little you do.
As an Advocate, you will have a network of other Advocates and an Organiser in your area. Your Organiser will be your main point of contact. They will send you tasks every month and ask you to feed back on what you've completed and any positive outcomes. The exception to this is Advocates who don't have an Organiser in their area yet. In these cases, tasks will come directly from the Volunteering Coordinator.
Why do we need you to volunteer?
As the vegan community grows, veganism itself becomes better understood. We're finding that more people are looking to The Vegan Society to find out what being vegan is all about.
Local communities are starting to see the vegan movement as something real and something that’s happening in their area. More people are embracing a vegan lifestyle, which we welcome. From new businesses, to families, to councillors, many people need support. This could be with a range of topics: going vegan, finding correct information around a vegan diet, providing vegan options in their business, MPs listening to vegan constituents, and learning about our work.  
Local issues are often unique and more varied than national issues. Our volunteers from local areas are vital! They enable us to share our messages and campaigns in an effective way. Research tells us that people are far more likely to trust information from a peer rather than an outside expert, so community volunteering vastly increases the impact of our campaigns.
Our network of committed local vegans across the country is growing! The Vegan Society organises various outreach activities to influence change in every level of society. There are a range of activities going on all the time, from general educational stalls at events to meeting with local policy influencers.
Advocates are a crucial voice in their own community. They ensure that our campaign messages are spread far and wide. They provide a strong vegan presence in local communities.
What does the Advocate role involve?
Being an Advocate for veganism with The Vegan Society will mean communicating with people in your local community. You'll share the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. You will form part of a local group, headed up by a local Organiser. The Organiser will feed back your collective efforts to staff. You will also be invited to our private Facebook group, for vegan socialising and ideas sharing.
You’ll stay in touch with the Organiser and bring your passion to tasks. Activities can range from staffing a stall to giving a talk at an employee event. It could also mean writing to a local newspaper or lobbying an MP.
Messaging can differ every month. Part of our mission statement is to ensure people can remain vegan, so you might focus on getting more vegan options available in local businesses. Or within our Live Vegan for Less campaign, you may share cheap vegan recipes to help people with the cost of living.
When acting as an Advocate, you will use The Vegan Society’s branding and messaging guidelines. Your local Organiser will guide you in doing this, as they hold physical resources and handbooks. You can report any issues and feedback you have to your Organiser. You can also contact staff if your Organiser isn't available or you have any problems.
What training and support is available?
You will be provided with a big welcome and full induction from your local Organiser. They will introduce you to the group and any actions that are ongoing. Any training and development will be provided via your Organiser, and you can also ask for specific training on any areas that you need some development in.
What skills would be useful in doing this role?

The ability to stay motivated in order to achieve the best possible outcomes
Good email etiquette, responding in a timely manner
Committed to veganism and the mission of The Vegan Society
Ability to stay calm if confronted with differing opinions or challenges
A good communicator, with the ability to be persuasive
Confident in communicating with people from a range of backgrounds
Experience of campaigning
Any experience in talking with members of the public through customer/public service would be helpful
Awareness of current affairs, especially those that relate to veganism
Regular availability and a willingness to stay committed to actions
Good team player

How much time do I need to invest? 
For Advocates, we ask for people to engage in a minimum of four to six actions per year. An example of an action could be writing to an MP or holding a stall. But the more you can do, the better! On occasion, there may also be online meetings to plan for actions or provide training.

Volunteering with Rise

You can claim rise points any volunteering you undertake - from an hour to a sustained commitment. All you need to do is fill in a Self Claim for your points

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