Your Money and Your Life

Being an Entrepreneur: The Highs and Lows

Learn about the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, and how to plan (as much as you can) for worse case scenarios. 

In this workshop I’m going to tell you my story – the story of my life, its ups, its downs and everything in between. This isn’t just a story about my personal life, and it isn’t just a story of business and entrepreneurship (because as far as I can tell there’s little which doesn’t cross over.) This is a story about successes and failures, of ideas to save a business coming really close to working but ultimately failing, of having a seriously ill daughter and donating a kidney to her, and of a business born out of necessity which might, just might be the one to work…

This is as much a call to dream and to believe, as it is also a cautionary tale. Being self employed and following a dream can be a wonderfully exciting journey, but there are pitfalls everywhere – just as there are in our personal lives. You can plan to the nth degree, build in all sorts of contingencies to your business plan, but as sure as night follows day you will be caught out by something and you’ll have to think quickly and pragmatically. I’ll use my experiences to highlight some of the things you might want to be aware of.

About the Host

Dan Stringer from EatHomemade

I’m an entrepreneur at heart – I’ve always had ideas slushing around my head. At age 14 I was selling mix tapes to other kids at school, encouraging them to buy better quality cassettes in order to increase my profits. 32 years later and I’m doing essentially the same thing – selling my homemade food online, encouraging customers to try more expensive items in order to increase my profits.

I didn’t attend university, choosing instead to work from age 16. On the face of it being a junior at an insurance brokers in Sheffield wasn’t the most exciting career choice, but it meant I had some cash in my pocket, I could join the real world and I could dream. In my early 20’s I began to get into debt as my lifestyle and my dreams far exceeded my bank balance. And in my 30’s, with debt issues resolved and a wife and young family, my wife and I (along with another couple) started our first business – Toast Deli.

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Feb 16 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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