UX Internship: Improve the Library Website

Help to research and co-ordinate the User Experience (UX) activities being undertaken by the Library at Manchester Met to understand the needs and experiences of different groups navigating and using the website.  

In Brief…

  • Contributeto the planning of a user experience online activity to help the Digital Library Service (DLS) understand how individuals are using the Library website.  
  • Organise and administerthe participant sessions when undertaking the UX research activity.
  • Analyse  the research findings with Library staff to recognise and evaluate user behaviour on the Library website.
  • Commit to  running 10-12 UX activities with a range of Manchester Met staff and students in April/May with a debrief with Library staffApprox 20 hours in total.
  • Gain rewards of 200 Rise Points, which can count towards recognition in your degree.

Detailed Information

The Library website is one of the most used websites across the Manchester Met digital estate
 and most students will use it at some point during their time at the University. It has undergone several changes in the last 12 months and the next step is to align the whole site with the rest of the University’s look and feel. Utilising data from UX activities and elsewhere have played an important part in shaping the Library website over the last few years and you can read about how we have used heat maps and how the website navigation was altered based on user feedback.  

The Library wants to ensure that changes made to the website are based upon user experience feedbackYou will run up to 12 research sessions with participants in a range of roles across the University. You will work with DLS to be involved in ensuring the planned UX research activity works well in securing the data and feedback that will help the team during the next steps of the website project.  

No digital skills or prior UX knowledge are needed but we are looking for a student who would like to develop the following skills:  

  • Engage with people to ensure participants are open and confident to feedback during their UX session; 
  • Active listening and the ability to question the research participants effectively to gain insights into their behaviour; 
  • Communicate and feedback to stakeholders regarding the UX sessions; 
  • Take responsibility for set tasks; 
  • Data analysis and interpretation 

The activity will run from mid-April to mid-May. It will consist of a flexible working process though on average you should expect to commit up to 20 hours per week (the hours are flexible but to be determined in collaboration with hosts). You will usually be with the DLS team or managing a UX session with participants. You may be balancing your studies alongside completing this internship.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please grab a ticket from this event, including a 150 word expression of interest, outlining why you are interested. The deadline for this expression of interest is April 5thPlease note this does not guarantee you a place on the programme, this is an expression of interest to participate and you will be notified of the outcomes early the next week. 



Apr 12 2021 - May 12 2021



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