Foundations of British Sign Language

An opportunity to learn the basics of BSL through one-hour online tutored sessions over a six week period. 

  • Learn the basics of British Sign Language and better understand deaf culture.
  • Enhance success with a preparatory self-study online package.
  • Online Support in a small group, led by a tutor from the Manchester Deaf Centre
  • Regular Sessions choose from a range of slots in the week, but you do need to commit to the full six week course.
  • Earn up to 100 Rise Points which can count towards recognition and accreditation.

This set of sessions are now fully booked – though we are intending to run more sessions in Teaching Blocks 3 and 4. In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to complete our Deaf Awareness and BSL Intensive. Places for the next iteration of courses will be offered to students who have completed this first.

Detailed Info

British Sign Language is a rich and beautiful visual language comprising of hand gestures, facial expressions and body movements. British Sign Language (or BSL, as it is more commonly known) was recognised by the UK Government as a language in its own right in 2003 and is the preferred language of over 125,000 people in the UK today. It is an extraordinary, complex language and whilst it is heavily based in English vernacular it has its own syntax and grammar systems. This course will involve two parts.

  • An online self-study package to enable you to familiarise yourself independently with the basics of BSL and deaf culture.
  • Six one-hour tutorial sessions with a tutor from the Manchester Deaf Centre in a small group via zoom (note, that the nature of this tuition means that you will need to turn your camera on).

We at Manchester Deaf Centre are passionate about teaching this beautiful language, raising deaf awareness, altering misconceptions and breaking down the barriers between the hearing and D/deaf communities. On this course you will continue to explore the foundations of British Sign Language, learning about numbers and time, how to introduce yourself and ultimately have basic everyday conversations. Expand your mind, expand your skills, explore and engage with a whole new community. Join us and start your British Sign Language journey now.

This opportunity is provided by the Manchester Deaf School, and supported by Man Met Rise – an innovative programme which enables students to gain recognition and credit for extra-curricula learning. Students who successfully complete this opportunity will earn 100 Rise Points (40 for the pre-course and 60 for the six-week tutored sessions)

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Nov 02 2020 - Dec 18 2020




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