Creative Mindfulness: Drawing

Through mindful drawing, we will try to let go of any expectation of what our pictures looks like and instead notice the sensation of creating shapes.

During this session we will run through mindful drawing exercises that stop the logical part of the brain from taking over.

Not letting it step in and correct, just being present with a pen and paper. Really taking notice of what we are doing, giving something our full attention without judgement can help to calm the mind and see things more clearly. We will practice in the session but you will also be left with the tools to continue to practice on your own and share these techniques with others.

Please have Drawing utensils – pens, pencils, colours, Paper to hand.

Please note: that the nature of this workshop means that you are asked to turn your camera on. We invite you to imagine that we are all in a classroom together.


Jan 21 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm




Arts for wellbeing workshop Man Met Univeristy

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