RISE Open Public Programme

A range of self-study opportunities and events, designed to enable anybody to access some of the benefits of RISE and gain virtual certification, open access and completely free.

This is Your Time and Place

RISE at Manchester Met supports students in gaining additional experience and skills and translating them into recognition and even extra credits towards their course. Learn a language, take a short placement, develop a skill, collaborate, create and communicate. Make your degree yours, and rise, at Manchester Met.

Guests from outside the university can also access RISE using one of these methods:

Google Microsoft

Or log in with email and password

Staff and students at Manchester Met can access RISE using their institutional sign in

Man Met Sign In

Use your full email (12345678@stu.mmu.ac.uk OR 12345678@ad.mmu.ac.uk)


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But what are Rise points?

And what is Rise even for?

Rise is a university-wide programme of activities, events and experiences designed to help you go beyond your degree.

Find out more by watching our Welcome video.

Share the experience of your challenge on social media with the hashtag #welcome2rise.

If you can, pass your challenge card on to someone else.

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...and keep an eye out for Rise Pop-Ups to give you more of a taste of Rise activities.

Coming to campus

20th September - 29th October 2021