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Congratulations, you’ve completed registration for Rise! We’re sure you’re keen to find out more about how our offer works, and how you can benefit from it. To help, we’ve made a little online course for all new users – it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Once you’ve completed this course you’ll have a better sense of how Rise works and its benefits; what you can gain and do, and the next steps to continue you’re exploration. You’ll also earn your first 10 Rise Points.

Rise offers credits and recognition for career- and study-enhancing experiential learning. Learn more in our Introductory Course or attend a drop-in session. You can browse our opportunities below – they’re always being updated so keep checking back for things you may be interested in (and opt in for regular updates)


Attend one-off master-classes, skills workshops, lectures or other events. Hone your skills and develop new ones, learn from experts in practice and industry.

Events have limited capacity, allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. They usually award 2-5 Rise Points.


Complete short, self-study packages on interdisciplinary themes aligned to the Greater Manchester social context and our regional employment market.

Intensives typically take between 8 and 12 hours to complete, and will earn you 40 Rise Points. They are totally flexible and self-paced, and there are no limits to how many participants can take them.


Apply for the opportunity to engage in placements, mobilities, projects and courses which involve more sustained engagement.

Activities have fixed capacities and you need to make an application to join one. They will need you to be available at particular times, and often award 150-300 Rise Points


Produce an independent response to a challenge set by regional advocates. Challenges require interdisciplinary and creative thinking, so they are not subject-specific.

Projects are independent and self paced, and require around 10 hours of effort, culminating in a pitch or proposal. There are no limits on participants, and they will typically earn you 40 Rise Points

Stay Updated!

We’re constantly adding new opportunities, and we’d love to keep you updated with occassional newsletters

Third Term Deadline Extended! We’ve had a huge uptake (over 2,000 expressions of interest!) for our exciting ‘third term’ offer. We want to support as many of you as we can to gain exciting experiences, so we’re keeping as many open for EOI as we can. But get your application in soon we’ll need to close everything by the 30th April. We’ll try to expand popular activities as much as we can, but we may need to close some ahead of this.

Co-Create Man Met Rise We want you to be in the driving seat of everything we plan and do. Here’s your opportunity to drop a suggestion or observation, and feed in to our ongoing process of planning a programme to engage and enhance your experience and trajectories.