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The following course provides an insight to mathematics and allows the student to build a foundation of knowledge when it comes to numeracy skills and mathematical requirements employers look for.
Mathematical skills have become more valued than ever. A range of degrees and careers require us to be have a basic understanding of maths that allows us to raise important questions. However, we often find maths and other aspects of numeracy rather daunting. The following course is aimed at an individual that has not experienced learning or gained a GCSE qualification in mathematics and would like to build on this in aid of their future. The course would benefit those wishing to learn beginners’ topics, including number and algebra. Through learning from worked examples, step by step videos and plenty of quizzes for individual development, this course will prepare anyone who feels uncertain with the foundations of maths.
Key InformationPoints50Effort12 hoursPrerequisitesnoneRelease Date12 November 2020
Author Info

Victoria Herod is an Academic and Study Skills tutor at MMU (Numeracy Specialist), with a background in secondary maths teaching before joining HE education support.

Kim Dunnell is a final year BSc Mathematics student at MMU. She runs a tutoring agency called ‘Manchester Maths and English Tuition’ alongside her University studies.

Robert Miles is a second year Mathematics student at MMU with multiple years experience in tutoring maths at both GCSE and A-Level standard.