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Develop a Portfolio for Rise Credits (15 Credits)

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Follow this intensive to register to submit a reflective Rise assessment and earn credit that could boost your degree classification.

PLEASE NOTE – WE ARE UPDATING OUR PROCESSES, ADVICE AND GUIDANCE FOR 2023-24. This self-study pack is was produced for a previous version of the assessment and is therefore only presented here for archive purposes. Fully updated resources will be available this year.
NB: The 15 credit Rise assessment exists only for specific programmes, and is not available to students if they are eligible for 30 credits. Please double-check your eligibility on your points bar before starting work on your portfolio. You cannot opt-in to doing 15 credits if you are eligible for 30, even if other units on your programme are 15 credits.

The Rise programme is excited to offer students on eligible courses the opportunity to submit a reflective portfolio for classificatory credit that could count towards their degree classification. This is a great chance to make the most of your Rise experience by connecting it to your current learning and future plans, and to gain further recognition of your additional efforts. We currently offer assessment deadlines at the start of October, January and May for students who have accrued 300 Rise points and who are on eligible programmes.

This intensive provides the means to do this; students who complete the first topic can choose a submission date and sign up for the assessment Moodle (provided they do so at least one week before their deadline), and the intensive focuses on preparing your portfolio through reflective activities that encompass the Learning Outcomes for the Rise assessment.

We recommend you sign up for this intensive and complete topic one well in advance of your chosen assessment deadline as it will take some time to work through the exercises and develop your portfolio.

Important: To access this course, you’ll need to enrol:[

Key InformationPointsNoneEffort10 hours plus writingPrerequisites300 Rise PointsRelease Date9th February 2021
Author Info

John Lean is the unit leader for Rise, and oversees assessment and recognition processes.