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Beth Fulham Rise Communications and Copywriter

Our projects need YOU! Here at Rise, we have many projects which you can get involved with, starting this month and next; they vary from Early years science, MRI research, green computing and helping a community. Working on a project puts you in a group of fellow students where you work as a team, through a brief or challenge that aims to tackle a societal or business challenge.

Getting involved with a Rise project expands your mind and lets you ask questions beyond your imagination. Additionally, the projects allow you to gain hands-on experience. Each challenge you and your team tackle, will be provided by an expert who will also support and guide your work during the project. Need more reasons why you should get involved with a project? Then read our Power of Projects Article.

Let’s look at the current projects you can get involved with;

Develop International Early Years Science Activities

Running from 1st November till 30th January, this project is a great opportunity to work with creative early years science educators and students from the University of Manresa in Spain. You will be supported by experts to develop a science education activity for young children. It is ideal for students of science, education, early years and/or Spanish. No expertise is required, and everyone is welcome. Spanish students will work simultaneously on the same activity, and there will be a collaborative joint celebration event in January.

For more information and to book here.

Ecotech Explorers: Greener Computing Project

At a slightly earlier date, this project runs from 25th October until 29th November. When we enter the digital world, we leave as big of a carbon footprint there as we do anywhere else. This project explores this idea and challenges you to find and develop ideas or initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of computing at Manchester Met. You don’t need to be an expert – this project is designed to help you learn!

More information and to book here.

Business and Social Purpose Consultants: The Shed

Running from 28th October until 12th January, this one-of-a-kind project gives you the experience by supporting a Tameside charity dedicated to supporting older men experiencing isolation to reimagine its next steps in operations and impact. The Shed is a larger version of the typical men’s shed at the bottom of the garden – a place where he feels at home and pursues practical interests. It offers a safe, friendly, and inclusive workshop, where men (and women on Fridays) come together to work, share ideas and experiences. More importantly, it’s a place where they can make friends and enjoy themselves.

For more information and to book here.

MRI Research Project- Jaw and Tongue Anatomy

This project gives you the exciting opportunity to learn more about MRI Scanning. You will have to acquire MRI images and process them to understand the relationship between jaw anatomy and tongue/oral cavity anatomy. You will be provided with guidance and training on the use of MRI technology and images.

For more information and to book here.

Once you’ve completed a project you’ll be awarded 300 Rise points, which unlock credit that counts towards your degree profile. Projects are a great way to help build your Rise profile and story – contributing greatly towards your Rise assessment. Not only this, but you also build new relationships, experience, social, and academic skills.

Apply now – you don’t want to miss out!