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Career Insights: Get a Head Start!

Camila Torres Copywriter Sandwich Year Student

Your time at university is an amazing opportunity to explore and consider the different paths your career could take. Whether you want to dive deeper into the field of your studies or venture into new territories, Rise Career Incubators can help you find out what your next steps are.

This time Rise Career Incubators have prepared lots of events and opportunities to gain insights into the fields of Teaching, Nursing, Social Work, and Marketing & Graduate Sales

Our events have been specially designed to give you awareness and gain skills in these career paths and will be relevant both for students not currently in the field as well as those on related courses.

Aspiring Teachers

For our aspiring teachers, we have prepared a range of sessions to gain skills and intel on important themes in the education sector. In Aspiring Teachers – Behaviour Management, you’ll reflect on current behaviour management techniques in educational settings. If you’re interested in what schools are doing to support mental health & wellbeing, we also have Aspiring Teachers – What are schools doing to support mental health & wellbeing session. Finally, you can explore the career opportunities available within the education sector in our discussion Aspiring Teachers – Careers in Education.

Aspiring Nurses & Social Workers

If you’re interested in Social Work but unsure what area you’d be most interested in, then we have the perfect events for you. In our Day in the Life of a Social Worker, you’ll learn about different Social Work areas, and in our Careers in Health and Social Care, you’ll learn what skills are necessary for careers in Nursing and Social Work and how to identify the skills you already have.

Marketing & Graduate Sales  

Communication is the key to Marketing & Graduate Sales, and the sales specialists at Wham have prepared two masterclasses to upskill in this area. In The Art of Communication, you’ll get the tools to become a better communicator and step up to become the public speaker that attracts an audience. If you want to gain some experience in pitching, we’ll also host Pitch Me, a Dragons Den-type competition where business owners will decide who the most thriving young entrepreneurs are. Both are fantastic opportunities to put your creativity and communication skills to practice, which are important in any graduate route you choose to go down.

Meet Our Alumni

Want to network and have the chance to ask questions to people working in the field of your interest? We are hosting Meet our Alumni events, where you’ll hear from alumni panellists on these fields. It’s an amazing opportunity to network over pizza, wine, and soft drinks!

Summer Programmes

By attending any of these events, you’ll be getting Rise points that’ll count for a Silver Educator/ Health & Social Care/ Marketing & Graduate Sales Badge, which recognises the effort you have invested in developing knowledge, skills, and experience relevant to careers in those fields.

All our events also lead to summer programmes, which will allow you to get a Gold Badge in your desired field. These opportunities support talented Manchester Met students from all disciplines to transition towards a career in Teaching, Social Work, Nursing, or Marketing & Graduate Sales.

Through the programme, you will gain career insights into the field of your choosing, relevant skills with a training programme related to wellbeing and befriending, and practical experience with a short placement or project with an organisation.

Applications are open now!

Please note that for the summer programmes, priority will be given to students that have attained their Silver (150 points for effort relating to the theme, including 50 points for externally engaged experience) and Bronze Badge (75 points for effort relating to the theme).

You can check your progress in the different badges here:

Want to get more Rise Points for your Bronze and Silver Badge? Have a scroll through our Career Insights themes and enrol on some self study or attend one of our current events. Check out all our current opportunities and activities here:

Well, that’s it for this week. You have lots to get a head start on your career. Attend one of our events, network, and even gain some experience in relevant fields!