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17th May
to 17th June
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The Christie: Communication and the Community

An opportunity to create a conversation around research into cancer therapies and its communication on social media to benefit communities, cultures and society.

The Background

The Radiotherapy-related research group at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust conducts cancer radiotherapy research involving a large (120-150) multi disciplinary team in Manchester, from radiologists clinical oncologists to computer scientists, and which has an established world leading expertise in cancer research and treatments.  Yet, when we Google the team, little comes up on the big grants won, research outcomes made and of the impacts of its treatment and on society. The group is seeking advice on its science communication/ a social media strategy that all its members can follow.

The opportunity

The research group at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust conducts cancer radiotherapy research and has an established world leading and highly collaborative reputation in the field. Communicating the work of this interdisciplinary field, including showcasing their expertise in cancer research and focusing on treatment and its implementation is of the utmost importance to the goal of getting new treatments to patients. For this, they are seeking to develop a social media strategy to raise the group’s profile and to communicate their work to a range of audiences, their peers in the research communities and for outreach to the general public.

Your study on the RISE project will devise a strategy to create new communications and connections between this research community, and advise on the digital social media training for the group to effectively implement the new approach. You will also have the opportunity to begin to identify some of the specific barriers and/or issues around extending the strategy specifically for the outreach of public health information in this domain and on digital media platforms.

Students will:

  • Undertake desk research and a survey of the research group from which to devise a social media strategy
  • Curate and create accessible content for an appropriate channel, linked to the strategy, to raise the research profile of the group
  • Identify key opportunities within the wider research communities to maximise use, reach and impact

Outputs may include:

  • A social media strategy outlining key audiences, channels and potential reach
  • Curated content, for example in the form of easily digestible stories relating to the research of the cancer radiotherapy group (what they do and why?) to reach and connect to a key audience on relevant channel(s)
  • A presentation summarising the study, the social media strategy, relevant staff training necessary and how it could be maintained

You will have opportunities to engage with staff from the Christie NHS Foundation Trust to find out more about the research group, its mission and desired impact of the social media strategy. It is crucial that the strategy will work for the group and their goals. You will also have opportunities to engage with research group in Linguistics and in the iSchool / Information and Communications to ensure development of a research informed strategy and to identify the possible evaluation of the efficacy of the social media messaging to take forward in a later study

Dates: mid-May to late-June 

Expressions of Interest:

Students should focus their expression of interest on what relevant skills, experience and passions they might bring to the internship alongside what they hope to learn and why they want to get involved. Expected interest is from students studying in areas such as Digital Media & Communications, Linguistics, Digital Marketing, Web Design. Core skills might include graphic design, content creation, and digital media and communication. 

These internships will suit students who are self-motivated, well organised and keen to demonstrate their ability to create and communicate

Number of places available: 2  

In A Nutshell...

  • Apply.... your knowledge and experiences of social media.
  • Create...a responsive social media strategy to engage new audiences
  • Communicate...accessible content for appropriate channel(s)
  • current research into health information and its communication
  • Earn up to 300 Rise points ... which can be recognised within your degree.


  • call_split 17/05/22 to 17/06/22
    Create a social media strategy to communicate research (4-6 Weeks)
    The internship will start with a meeting where you will have the opportunity to engage with staff from the Christie NHS Foundation Trust to find out more about the research group, its mission and desired impact of the social media strategy.